We offer a suite of training that will help emerging and current leaders in their career and personel development.  Employers can also offer our training to their women.

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Starts:  Oct 17, 2018 (2 Sessions)

Cost: $375


Learn tips & strategies for how to get onto board. What should you expect when you do get on a board and how to build on the opportunity. 

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Starts: Nov 6, 2018 (6 Sessions)

Cost: $450 - 550


For current or emerging leader slooking for a conscious way to lead – this unique interactive program is for you!

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Starts: Oct 25, 2018 (5 - 2hr Sessions)

Cost: $299


How to design a powerful career strategy, build skills for effective execution and develop a system to keep you on track for reaching goals.​


Starts:  Nov 12 & 14, 2018 (2 Sessions)

Cost: $195


This series provides men the basics on navigating the new world of working with women as an inclusive team player.


Starts: Oct 30, 2018 (4 Sessions)

Cost: $599

SELF AWARENESS - Beyond Emotional Intelligence Series

4 live Instructor-led, highly interactive, online sessions of 90 minutes each.  

Men Working with Women


If you work with women this insightful series will ensure you don't mess up and prepare you for a rewarding experience working for women. The goal of the 3 sessions is to give participants a solid understanding of the new workplace, how to protect your self and your employer and how to make working with women a strength.

Nov 7,  Workshop 1:  Update on the new workplace 

- how things have change, what is the new workplace norm

- 6 things you NEVER should do when working with women (the do's and don'ts of a safe & inclusive work culture)

- your new responsibilities to your employer and yourself

Nov 14, Workshop 2:  Understanding Women

- blast thru the Stereotypes "Yes some are true"- but which ones

- what do women think of men

- how to make women your Allies

- man hatters- they are out there and could be your downfall

Nov 21, Workshop 3  Keys to an inclusive workplcae & culture - LEAD LEAD LEAD

- listen, women love it and will contribute more when you listen and genuinely include them

- share the spotlight 

- demonstrate support for women to other men


David Mossman

David is a strong advocate for the advancement of women.  Volunteering and working for the Women in Leadership Foundation for 18 years has given David Mossman unique insight into an inclusive work culture focused on leadership. During that time he has also lead several national and regional Labor Market Projects on attraction and retention of women in non-traditional sectors including Energy, Capital Markets, Mining, Engineering and more for the federal and provincial governments.  He founded or co-founded several companies including a Facebook game studio, which is in a very male dominated sector.  

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Learn how to get onto boards and what to expect when you are appointed.




​WIL has helped several organization evaluate, enhance or establish internal mentorship programs.  Having 1,500+ graduates from our own Award winning program, we have a wealth of knowledge on mentorship to share with employers.  


WIL has also lead 10+ national and regional Labor Market Partnerships for government specifically for women in targeted sectors, which has provided us with a unique perspective on development & retention of women. 

If your considering mentorship for your women we can help you with:

Internal mentorship program vs external (pros & cons)

Accessibility (how to make it inclusive and affordable for the employer)

Matching (secret ingredients )

Mentorship gone wrong (know the warning signs and managing the wrong match)

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