Toronto has a large team delivering a lot of programming and large mentorship cohorts each year.  The vibrant city with its large corporate presence and diverse culture provides plenty of opportunites for women.


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Tricia Ryan

WIL Past Chapter Chair

In leadership hard work combined with “pass-I-on creates” great synergy and momentum

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Michelle Joliat

Managing Director


Teamwork and communication are among the core soft skills I believe IT leaders need today.


Shelby Walsh


Trend Hunters

Being a leader is about inspiring growth and action in others.

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Lindsay Schneider


The magic of leadership truly happens once you step out of your comfort zone

Conversations with WIL

WIL Toronto will be unveiling an exciting new virtual speaker series with industry leaders from professional organizations, discussing a multitude of topics ranging from Diversity & Inclusion to the Post-Pandemic world, all with the objective to encourage, inspire, and educate. 

Launch date coming soon. Please check back with us!


Meet The Toronto Team


Tiffany Kelly

Content & Copywriter

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Tiffany Kelly is a Project Lead developing and implementing a national program to educate and support employers in disability confidence. Having a background in disability, Tiffany strives to speak up for those who feel unheard and overlooked in society. As one of five siblings, four of whom are sisters, Tiffany was raised by strong, independent women and believes that women have long been in positions of leadership, but have gone unacknowledged. She believes in the phrase, ‘no time like the present’ to accomplish goals or change and is a proud member of WIL for that reason, with Mentor Lorna Howieson, and her former manager, Kelly Campbell, as guides.

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Guneet Parmar

Social Media Co-Chair

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Guneet Parmar is both a real estate sales professional and a foreign exchange specialist, and aspires to one day open up her own real estate brokerage. Working in a male dominated industry, Guneet wanted to join a network of females to better understand the gender gap in the financial services industry. Joining WIL, she hopes to learn from other women working in the same environment as her and learn more about their experiences, challenges and success stories. Some of her role models include Michelle Obama and Lauren Simmons. Guneet is an energetic individual who one day hopes to make a real difference in the world by helping people be better version of themselves. 

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Sofia Remtulla

Marketing & Board Strategy

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Sofia Remtulla is a Business Strategy Consultant for a global consulting firm in the Retail and Travel industry. She aspires to be a leader in her field and drive innovative solutions for her clients. She also develops and supports women who are beginning their career journey’s in the corporate world to guide them in managing challenges and obstacles, both personally and professionally. Mindfulness and the ability to balance both her personal and professional goals is very important to Sofia, and she is always looking to learn new things whether it has to do with new emerging technologies, or new recipes! Sofia is a curious individual who loves to travel; one of her life goals is to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

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Chapter Chair

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Farhana Mahbub,Toronto Chapter Board Chair is a Director at RBC Capital Markets - she is a delivery-oriented professional who is passionate about transformational change and developing world-class implementation capabilities. She hold a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from University of Toronto and Masters in Business Administration from Ryerson University (Ted Rogers School of Management). Farhana has worked in multiple industries including pharmaceuticals, biotech, insurance and banking. Farhana, mother of three boys, is passionate about developing the next generation of leaders and advancing their careers in the workplace through her sponsorship, mentorship and consistent advocacy for female leaders.


Shamitha Devakandan

Volunteer & HR Chair

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Shamitha Devakandan is a Public Administration and Italian Studies graduate who works for the Ontario government at the Ministry of Transportation. Shamitha’s inspiration for joining WIL stems from the strong female presences she had in her life and wishing to help empower young women and realize their potential. Shamitha is an ambitious individual who enjoys taking on new projects at work and volunteering her time for her community. She sees women in leadership roles as crucial, because women can help guide other women to success and achievement. One of her life goals is to work on young offender programs for the government and also spend a summer teaching English in Italy. 

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Irene Olamit

Finance Committee

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Irene Olamit is an Accounting Manager for Staples Promotional Products.  She oversees the Finance Department in the Canadian division and works closely with the U.S. team. Irene believes that women in leadership positions is important because women are great collaborators and strong problem-solvers.  These are the attributes needed to be a strong leader. Her role model is her mother because she maintained a good balance between having a strong-willed, go-getter attitude and being a loving, caring person. Irene is a thoughtful individual whose life goal is to make a positive difference and influence in someone’s life.

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Alina Kahil

 Social Media Co-Chair

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Alina Kahil is an Applied Economics graduate and a financial services professional currently working in the business lending space at Lendified with a background in Foreign Exchange. She contributes her passion for social media engagement and relationship building skills to the WIL Advisory Board in Toronto. Starting off her career in a male dominant industry encouraged her to meet and support women who face a similar struggle. Alina is excited about building awareness on gender diversity across all industries. She believes that women should have access to a network and the support required to succeed at every stage in their careers. Some of her role models include Camilla Sutton, CEO of Women in Capital Markets and Lauren Simmons, a notable female NYSE Equity Trader. 

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Liza Lerman

Events Co-Chair

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Elizabeth Lerman is a 4th year bilingual Business Economics student at Glendon College. One of her goals is to impact change and empower others on an international scale to learn what kind of leadership is prominent in different parts of the world. To Liza, women in leadership is about change, support and determination; her female role model is J.K. Rowling because of her perseverance and ability to overcome adversity. Described in the past as ambitious, Elizabeth is excited to be part of the WILF to help unite women and build a strong foundation of supporters who are willing to help each other advance their careers.

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