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Katherine Faichnie, Director & HR Leader, IBM Canada 

“At IBM, the diversity of cultures, people, thoughts and ideas are critical in driving innovation and providing advanced technologies and services to business. It’s more than a set of policies and programs. Diversity — including diversity of thought — opens the door to different perspectives, identities and experiences that are not only reflective of the Canadian marketplace, but also improves our company’s agility, performance and engagement as employees feel safe and confident being their full selves at work.” 


Enikő Rózsa, IBM Distinguished Engineer, CTO, GBS Artificial Intelligence (AI) CoC, IBM Services 

“As a Distinguished Engineer, I am proud to be a technical executive in IBM Canada, where innovation flourishes as we recognize and value the unique contributions of everyone. IBM has elevated qualified women in the workplace and understands the distinctive value and skills every individual brings to our business and technology. I hope to continue to advocate for women through our work, where we all have an equal chance of succeeding and realizing our full potential.” 


Farzaneh Ghods, Data Science and AI Technical Lead, IBM Canada 

“At IBM, diversity and inclusion are part of who we are, and we honour this sentiment by fostering an equal and open workplace for all. When I immigrated to Canada, IBM stood out among other companies for their interest in my work experience regardless of where in the world it happened. I am proud to work for an organization that champions inclusion and honoured to be involved in contributing to these initiatives that promote a sense of belonging and care for every individual, regardless of race, gender or creed.” 

A Focus on Excellence 


At IBM, diversity and inclusion has been a priority for over 100 years. We continue to build on that strong legacy with a focus on all aspects of an individual's identity which includes attributes that are permanent and often visible as well as those that change over time.


We know that diverse teams create ideal work environments, promote diversity of thought and foster creativity and innovation that benefit our employees, our clients and our communities and we continuously develop programs and offerings to support a culture of inclusion where all employees feel a sense of belonging, where they can reach their full potential.

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