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Indigenous Leadership CIRCLE

The Women in Leadership Foundation has been awarded a contract with the Government of Canada, for a project called "The Indigenous Leadership Circle", which is a continuation of the work that the foundation has done over the last 20-years of engaging with the Indigenous communities on Women's Leadership.


The Indigenous Leadership Circle project is being led by a team of Indigenous and non-Indigenous women with the intent to explore the barriers, create tools and showcase best practices to help place and support Indigenous women in Senior Management and Board positions to these four Federally Regulated Private Sectors: Banking and Financial Services, Communications, Transportation and Technology.


Objectives of the Program:

  • Increasing understanding and awareness of employers regarding Indigenous women’s barriers in accessing senior management and board positions; and

  • Creating tools, providing research, resources and highlighting best practices.

We intend to showcase best practices for stakeholders on how to address barriers and enable employers to engage more Indigenous women in leadership opportunities. We are passionate about being in service to Indigenous women by listening, hearing and providing these sectors the knowledge to target inequities in their practices so they may transform workspaces.


We value the opportunity to collaborate with employers, educational institutions, and stakeholders to engage and grow Indigenous women’s leadership.


The Indigenous Leadership Circle Team will be conducting research aimed at Professional Indigenous Women, Indigenous Women in the Education System and Employer & Industry Stakeholders and value your input through a series of survey's and round-table meetings. The results from the findings through these surveys and meetings will be showcased at our Indigenous Leadership Virtual Forum, which will be held on March 8, 2022. Stay tuned for more details!


If you are interested in participating, we would value your input. Our survey's for each target category can be found here below:


Professional Indigenous Women Employees Survey

Indigenous Women in the Education System Survey

Employer and Industry Stakeholders Survey


For further information or your organization is interested in participating, please contact:

Maureen McKinnon or Natasha Neufeld 

Meet The Team


Sxwpilemaát Siyám
(Chief Leanne Joe)


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Maureen McKinnon



Natasha Neufeld


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Sheryl Rivers