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3 Little Ways to Be A Leader At Work

Not everyone is a born leader, but we think, just like Warren Bennis, “Leaders are made rather than born.”It’s time to begin redefining what being a leader means. Often we put think that being a leader is some lofty goal that is hard to attain. But there are ways that you can be an everyday leader at work. Here’s 3 little things you can start putting into practice today in order to become the amazing leader you were meant to be. 

Learn more about your employees and co-workers.

Time to put your social hat on. It’s time to start actively reaching out to those you work with and trying to connect with them. This also means understanding emotions and showing empathy whenever they talk with you. If you’re an introvert like me and find socializing to be a bit more difficult, collaborating on projects is a great way to go! It always feels a bit easier to approach people if you have a project or idea to share with someone. The personal connection will come along with time.  


Listening is a key trait to what make the best leaders, well… the best. They’re good at giving people the chance to speak and share their ideas. Besides, in order to learn more about your employees and co-workers you’re going to need to listen to what they have to say. If you have a tendency to butt in with your own stories or ideas (don’t worry, I do this too!), this is your opportunity to really try to actively listen and show others how much you genuinely value their opinions.  

Hold your “buts” and “ums” 

 Language is subtle, but it can make a huge difference. Begin speaking in a more professional language that you see from your superiors and lose the casual “like no way” talk. That being said, going completely overboard and speaking as if it’s the 1800s or only speaking in industry jargon is a little too far the opposite direction. But once you begin speaking more like the people in leadership positions you want to be in, the more seriously people will begin to take you.  

Still not convinced? Watch this 6 minute video on everyday leadership and get inspired. You might be closer than you think.  



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