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Women in Leadership Toronto - U.S podcast: The Future of Work - Part 3

In a continuation to the 1st & 2nd Podcast, Women in Leadership Foundation Toronto - U.S Chapter has released Part 3: Last and final episode with Peter Chow

In this episode, Peter Chow and Farhana Mahbub discuss what Future of Work means for the next generation of leaders, how do you remain curious and land your next role via networking in a virtual setting. Peter is a Risk Manager by trade and innovator by title. He finds boring simple solutions for really hard, weird problems, and weird solutions to really easy, boring problems.

Curious? Then listen in to this podcast for some great strategies on how design thinking is operationalized in the “future of work” and how we can all be more inclusive in this virtual environment

Three ways to listen:

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Disclaimer: Views expressed in this forum are those of the individuals and they do not represent those of their respective employers.

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