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Help End Harmful Gender Bias Norms - Complete the Survey

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we launched our Bridge to Gender Equality Project which will be researching organizations and community groups from across Canada to address harmful gender norms which prevent women from getting into leadership positions and achieving equal pay. Women in Leadership would like to welcome Denise Young as the Project Leader and Michelle Negreiff as the Project Coordinator.

On behalf of the project team and the Advisory Committee, we are encouraging everyone to complete the 15 minute Bridge to Gender Equality General Survey. We need ALL perspectives including all races, gender identities, sexual orientation, ethnicities etc. across Canada to ensure the success of this project.


  1. Your research will be used to support final recommendations to organizations that are interested in updating their policies and procedures. “Now is the time to shift changes. To support our project team, we have a diverse National Advisory Committee of 20 leaders in various sectors and backgrounds who are passionate advocates and change makers”, states Denise Young. “For this project to succeed it is crucial that individuals, community groups and mid to large sized organizations across Canada participate through surveys, focus groups, and our DEI Leadership Forum in June”.

  2. Supporting movement to ending inequalities based on discriminatory actions. As a female, Indigenous Professional Engineer who holds and has held a variety of leadership positions, Jessica Vandernberghe, Advisory Committee and Guiding Star Consulting “appreciates the encouragement, allyship, and sponsorship that those around me have given. At many times during my journey, it has been difficult because of the lack of support and empathy with individual, organizational, and systematic bias negatively impacting me. The fact is that non-male gender types are still underrepresented within leadership positions and it is vital that equitable frameworks, opportunities, and systems are created and effectively resourced in order to ensure the growth, retention and success of minority demographics”.


Organizations, employers, employees, individuals and community groups can participate in this research by:

  1. Complete Bridge to Gender Equality General Survey (Looking for ALL perspectives including all races, gender identities, sexual orientation, ethnicities etc.)

  2. Act as a change agent on organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion policies by

    1. Sign up to attend various sector Roundtable/Focus groups- Dates to be announced.

    2. Sign up if you are part of an organization that is looking to start or review their Diversity,Inclusion & Equity Policy.


Denise Young, M.A.c.t., Project Leader

“My vision is for everyone to be respected, acknowledged and have access to all opportunities. I am grateful for this opportunity to be part of an important project that will shift gender equality in a positive direction”. With over 15 years in project management, facilitation and communications, Denise's multifaceted experience fuels her success as an internal and external multi-disciplinary consultant.

Connect with Denise:

LinkedIN: Denise Young

Michelle Negreiff, B.A., Project Coordinator. “I am honored to be part of the Bridge to Gender Equality Project. In a short period of time, I have met many individuals that are passionate advocates in leading the way to breaking down barriers and bias so that we can achieve equity for all in the workforce. I am so fortunate to be working alongside them while expanding my own self-awareness and capabilities in the DEI field."

Connect with Michelle:



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