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How to Be a Stand-Out Employee While Working Remotely

By Anton Feeny

As companies across Canada adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers have  chosen to take their businesses remote. This is a drastic change for employee work life as they must not only alter their workplaces but also their work habits entirely. 

In the midst of Zoom calls and the constant juggling of work-life balance, some employees may struggle to stand-out, speak up, or be heard

Yet, now is the perfect opportunity to showcase leadership and resilience with these 3 beneficial tips on how to be a stand-out employee while working remote!

Establish a Routine ーand stick to it

It can be challenging to maintain productivity without the time constraints that a traditional office environment provides. However, by setting your own work hours each day and following through with them, you demonstrate superior work ethic and self-motivation, as well as the ability to adapt to novel situations. Don’t forget to schedule time for yourself as a way to de-stress and re-focus.

Stay Connected Virtually

Just because we are in quarantine does not mean we must isolate ourselves from all forms of communication. Instead, we should prioritize daily virtual connections with bosses or colleagues in order to maintain partnerships and enhance intercommunication. Be prepared to brief your employer on which tasks you completed or are currently working on, which shows transparency and initiative in managing your role remotely. 

Evaluate your Presence During Virtual Meetings

There’s a new way to communicate ideas, one that allows us to replace boardrooms with home offices: Zoom calls. This video software becomes the new stage for presentations, panels, and discussions. If an employee masters the art of Zoom calls, they can communicate their ideas effectively to their audience. Prepare an outline of what you wish to convey, speak up when the time is right, and maintain a strong clear voice. Lastly, remember to be yourself. You got this, you were chosen for your position!



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