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Métis airline owner featured in DC Comics anthology Wonderful Women of History

By Rhiannon Johnson·CBC New

Teara Fraser, a pilot and the owner of Iskwew Air, says she's feeling honoured to be one of 18 women featured in DC Comics' new graphic novel Wonderful Women of History.

The other women in the anthology include U.S. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the late U.S. Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, musician Beyoncé and athlete Serena Williams, to name a few.

"It still just feels surreal, a little bit strange," she said.  

In March 2018, Fraser, who is Métis, announced the launch of Iskwew Air, which provides 24-hour charter services to communities around the province of British Columbia. Iskwew means woman in Cree. 

"I feel really honoured to have my story alongside some of the most inspiring, incredible warriors of our time," said Fraser. 

Fraser defines warriorship, a concept that she's studying for her PhD, as standing fiercely with deep love for what matters.

"What I see on this incredible list of change-making warriors is each in their own unique way standing fiercely with deep love for things that really matter." 

Fraser said she's quite familiar with DC Comics' Wonder Woman, who in Fraser's childhood was represented by Linda Carter on television. 

"Wonder Woman was designed to be the ideal love leader, bringing her strength and her humanity to liberate and rematriate our society," she said. 

She said she got involved with the anthology after the author, Laurie Halse Anderson, read about her and wanted to include her. Fraser has high hopes for what readers walk away with. 

"I want all of those identifying as women to see examples of leaders who are dismantling oppressive systems, everyday super heroes that are working hard to create a better world, one that serves all people, and I want all people to see what is possible when Wonder Women step into their strength unapologetically."



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