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Pinterest for Business: The Ultimate How-to Guide

By Anton Feeny

Looking for creative ideas? Whether you’re planning your wedding, destination vacation, or searching for home design ideas, Pinterest is the place for you. With over 340 million monthly users, Pinterest is the third largest social network in North America. It is the only social media network to offer a visual search engine where users can look up products, sources of inspiration, and other mediums. Users can also save or “pin” posts, and cater their feed to suit their interests. This feature should be of particular interest to businesses because it enables users to be more receptive to branding and marketing within their saved posts. People can easily circulate your pin  by sharing it to other pin boards, which effortlessly expands your audience further.

Let’s dive into 4 simple ways you can start effectively utilizing Pinterest for all your business and marketing needs.

1) Set up a Pinterest Business Account

Go to to set up your profile. If you already have a Pinterest account, you can add a business profile to it or convert your personal account into a business one. Simply input your business name, website, location, and add other social networking accounts. Lastly, choose a description that best personifies your business.

2) Create Your First Pinterest Board

Navigate from your profile and click the plus sign under “Create a Board.” Add a descriptive title and place it under an appropriate category. Remember to include an appealing cover photo, Pinterest is all about eye-catching imagery!

3) Design Your First Pin

Time to unleash your creative side! Upload an image that you wish to exhibit that displays your product or service. Add a destination link, which is essentially the URL to your website. This link transfers users directly to the website when they engage with your pin, promoting your product or service further. Finish your pin off with a title and informative description. A description is an extremely valuable way to elevate your pin as the Pinterest search engine prompts the user with relevant keywords, leading to their discovery of more pins. Hit publish and you're done!

4) Take Advantage of Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics is a free tool available for business accounts. Track your profile visits, follower growth, pin performance, pin board traffic and overall engagement. 

Adding Pinterest to your business portfolio will ensure you accomplish all your social media objectives!





Unlocking the full potential of Pinterest for business becomes an art form with the ultimate how-to guide. Just as businesses strive to navigate the digital landscape, the guide serves as a compass, directing them through the intricacies of Pinterest. Much like WheelofBliss, a company offering a retreat for reconnecting with oneself, others, and nature, mastering Pinterest becomes a journey of affirmation and growth. Your retreat into the world of Pinterest transforms into a strategic venture, allowing businesses to step away momentarily from the complexities of modern marketing, affirm their online connections, and return with a digital presence fortified and thriving.

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