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Power 5 Interview with Amazon Seller, Jennifer Pratt with Seeding Square

Women in Foundation and Amazon Canada are teaming up for another joint webinar "Part II Expand Your Market with Selling on Amazon", taking place on November 23rd. In lead up to the event, we had the pleasure of having an Amazon Seller, Jennifer Pratt with Seeding Square, answer our Power 5 Questionaire and tell us more about her company.

What are you most passionate about? I have an entrepreneurial soul through and through.

The daily pursuit of growing my business keeps me engaged and energized.

Who is your greatest role model?

When I was 14 years old I attended an International Girl Guide camp and by random chance had Roberta Bondar sit down next to me at lunch one day. (She is Canada's first woman astronaut). Having the opportunity to speak with a woman who had defied the odds and put herself in a position where no other woman had been before, really inspired me...I was in awe. She made me feel like with dedication and perseverance, I could do anything I wanted to.

What is your greatest accomplishment in your career trajectory?

I just came back from a meeting with my accountant last week, and I'm excitied to report that for the first time my sales for the past fiscal year topped $1M. I accomplished that with no staff, no business training and next to nothing for a marketing budget. What got me there was showing up everyday, and giving it my all.

What advice would you give to women who are building their careers?

Find something that inspires you - something that makes you want to shout from the rooftops. Then do it! In your process you'll come across many things on your to-do list that you don't know how to do - approach these as learning opportunities. Educating yourself is always a win. Don't get fixated on the things you can't afford to do or are currently unable to accomplish. Keep a list of those things so you don't lose track of them, and then focus your efforts on the things you can do right now - but prioritize what you do with your time. It's easy to stay in your comfort zone, but the good stuff happens when you venture out of it. Most importantly...have fun!

What do you think is the biggest challenge for the generation of women behind you?

If anything, I think the opportunities for women in business have never been better. It is truly a great time in history to be a woman entrepreneur. I think the biggest challenge that needs addressing is our changing climate - if as a woman, you are able to take on a business venture that can help that in any small way, then you are a rockstar! Going this route, you'll also find a lot of additional support available to you in the form of grants and programs and such.

Please tell us more about you and your business and how people can connect with you.

To learn more about Jennifer and Seeding Square, you can read more HERE. For anyone wanting to connect, Jennifer can be contacted via email at

Thank you Jennifer - it was a pleasure if getting to know more about you and your company!



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