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exe2Tatic Serial Key.exe2TestSerial serial KeynAnnie’s Birthday Serial Key.2TestSerial key.exeTech Support Serial KeynCodec Serial KeynCodec serial KeynCodec serial KeynMisc.Serial.Key.exe.MCSerial Serial Key.exeMC Serial Key.exe.MSerial Key.exe.MWSerial Key.exe.NVSerial Key.exe.OFSerial Key.exe.RTSerial Key.exe.SaSerial Key.exe.SBserial Key.exe.SASerial Key.exe.SLSerial Key.exe.TASerial Key.exe.TBSerial Key.exe.TFserial Key.exe.TgSerial Key.exe.TnSerial Key.exe.TsSerial Key.exe.TvSerial Key.exe.VSerial Key.exe.WWSerial Key.exe.XSSerial Key.exe.ZSerial Key.exe.ZS Now, install and run it. Caution: Your PC will freeze or go crazy for 10 to 20 seconds as the program does its thing. Just accept it. It’s worth it! Next, select Start_menu and look for the interface. Go to RAP as shown below: Click Register: Now, click on Automatic Installer… And wait for installation to complete. When done, Click on Activate: After activating the software, you will be prompted to create a serial key, as shown in the screenshot below: Now, Enter the serial key as shown below: Click Generate: Click OK and your setup is done! Features: It is compatible with latest Windows version It blocks the firewall, Mcafee, Windows Defender and also my recent infections. It can also block apps that use fake serial keys It is compatible with a very large number of apps You can also use this software in combination with HOSTS file to block any malicious apps. Its virus scan is very reliable. Also, you can copy it and use it for other devices as it is not restricted to one machine. Automatic installation of the software is possible. Its interface is very simple and user-friendly. Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2




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