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"Whales" of creative longevity in writing

And now - about the "sea abyss" 🙂 .

That is, about the very "why" without which our "whales" will not be. And the answer is very simple - vocation.

There are people born to teach, to heal, to invent or to change the world. And there are those who are made to write books.

They can pay someone to write a paper in 3 hours get tired of something - genre, trends, criticism, futility, publishers' rejections, the very activity of writing. And creativity will be abandoned - for a year, two years, three. Other hobbies will be found. But all the same, you will subconsciously find and mark yourself: "Oh, what an image, I should remember...", "Oh, what a metaphor, I should write it down...", "Oh, what a twist, I should... try it".

That's the way the writer's college essays for sale brain works. It is constantly and everywhere looking for information--travel, movies, books, articles, dreams. And it accumulates, only to one day coalesce and burst into a new story. And the writer, gritting his teeth, will sit down to work.

He simply will not be able not to write a new story.

He won't have any free time. His health will fail him. No one will wait for the book-no readers, no publishers. No one will pay him for his work, no one will praise or encourage him. But he will sit down and write anyway. And algebra homework help it doesn't matter how long the work takes. Because he can't do it otherwise.

Because it's a calling.

And understanding your vocation - awareness, understanding, and acceptance - is the most important principle of creative longevity.

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