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Being a leader has nothing to do with your position and everything to do with inspiring growth and action in others


With 20,000,000 monthly views, is the world's largest, most popular trend community. Behind the scenes, we leverage big data, human researchers and AI to identify consumer insights and deep dive opportunities for the world's most innovative companies. Our research and workshops empower more than 500 brands, billionaires and CEOs, including Coca-Cola, Adidas, Victoria's Secret, IBM, Cisco, Microsoft and NASA. Our head office is based in Toronto, Canada, and we are fueled by a global network of 200,000 contributors and 3,000,000 fans. Trend Hunter is currently studying more than 350,000 cutting edge ideas using over 3 billion choices from 150,000,000 people.

Routinely sourced by the media, Trend Hunter is a source of inspiration for industry professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs and the insatiably curious. Trend Hunter has been featured or cited everywhere from MTV, The Economist, and CNN to the personal blog of Kanye West, tweets by Ashton Kutcher and tweets by Paris Hilton.

Each day, Trend Hunter features a daily dose of innovative ideas, viral news and pop culture. The most popular concepts are featured on Trend Hunter TV and filtered into clusters of inspiration for our brand clients. and custom trend reports.

Awards & Mentions

  • Wall Street Journal Workplace of the Day

  • Canada's Best Start-up Work Culture - Techvibes

  • Canadian Innovation Award

  • Canadian Young Entrepreneur Award

  • Two CEO Read "Select" Books 

  • Axiom International Book Award 

  • New York Times Bestseller

  • Inc. Best Books for Business Owners

  • A'Design Award - Best Design Media Award

  • Pixel Award - Best Online Magazine

  • Canadian Innovation Exchange Award - One of Canada's Most Innovative Companies

  • Office Culture Profiled on CNN, National Post, Globe and Mail, Rogers TV, BNN, Toronto Star, CityTV


History was launched in 2005 by Jeremy Gutsche, an innovation expert and award-winning author who wanted to build a home for new business ideas and creativity.

Jeremy describes, "Like many of us, I was an entrepreneur at heart, but I didn't know what idea I wanted to pursue. I chose careers that I thought would lead me to my business idea... but after years of searching, I was still hunting for inspiration. It was then that I started Trend Hunter - a place for insatiably curious people to share ideas and get inspired."


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