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Leadership Development Program

Become a More Confident, Effective Leader

Registration open for the Spring 2023 program on our Events page:


If you are about to take on a leadership role or are in the first five years of your leadership journey, this program is for you. 

During this 3-month program you will:

  • Enhance your self-awareness and build your Emotional Intelligence to drive business results

  • Gain confidence as a leader, tackling self-doubt and imposter syndrome

  • Learn how to engage your employees through trusting relationships, effective communication, and coaching

  • Work effectively within your organization to influence change and deliver results

  • Reflect on what it means to be woman in the workplace and champion diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Build your authentic leadership brand and walk away with a personal leadership manifesto 

  • Network, learn and grow with like-minded women from various industries


Included over the three-month program

     -12 instructional Hours

     -9.5 Workshop Hours (10 people max)

     -EQi 2.0 Assessment

     -1, 90 min EQi debrief

     -2, 30 min 1-on-1 strategy sessions

     -Copy of Mind the Gap

     -Copy of Strengths Based Leadership

Program Cost is: $3,200 - WIL Employer Partner Employees cost is $2,200
NOTE: Your employer may be eligible for a grant to pay all or part of your fees.
Read more on this below​!

Info Session Recording

We held a webinar to share our upcoming Leadership Development program. This session provides an overview of the program and information about grants you may be able to access to cover the cost of registration. Watch the recording below:

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Program Overview

Heather Thomson, Facilitator 

Heather’s passion to support new and aspiring leaders as they embrace their leadership journey has always guided her in her work.


Heather is an executive coach, speaker, author, and owner of Bold and Brave Coaching.  Before becoming a Certified Executive Coach with her Associate Certified Coaching (ACC) designation from the International Coaching Federation, Heather worked in the education system and held several leadership positions throughout her 28-year career.   She is a Certified Positive Intelligence Coach and holds accreditation in Emotional Intelligence.  Heather has a Masters in Educational Leadership and Administration and a Masters in Counselling Psychology. 


Heather is a Certified Rethinking Impostor Syndrome Coach Practitioner and uses her expertise to support leaders in building confidence, gaining greater clarity, and “stamping out impostor syndrome”.  Heather volunteers for the Women In Leadership Foundation and is the co-chair for the Alberta chapter.   She is also an instructor for the “Girls On Fire” program in Sherwood Park, AB.   

Heather is co-chair of the Alberta chapter of the Women in Leadership Foundation. To learn more visit Heather’s website:

HighRes_Heather Lifestyle Photos-SC Parker Photography-SCP_7727-3.jpg
Image by Corinne Kutz
What clients say about Heather:

L.M. - Assistant Principal

“Heather has a wonderfully warm way of hearing who I am and supporting my journey towards work/life balance. As a busy mom of three with a demanding full-time career, life can be scattered and hectic; Heather has helped me find balance, calm, joy, and productivity. Her empowering approach brought me immediate benefits. She helped me tap into my strengths, set goals, and get things done.”

Keri Schwebius, Facilitator 

Keri has a genuine desire to make a positive change in the world, as leader and by supporting others to become more confident, effective leaders.

Keri is an executive coach, speaker, leadership junkie and the founder and president of Ellevate Executive Coaching. Before becoming a Certified Executive Coach accredited with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Keri completed two undergraduate degrees in French and Communications and spent more than 20 years in Public Relations helping executive teams communicate with stakeholders. During this time, she was a messenger and advisor for leaders. This led her to the field of

leadership—as a leader herself, then empowering others to become leaders.

Keri’s passion for leadership led her to complete a Masters of Arts in Leadership and a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching at Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC. She also holds accreditations in emotional intelligence, change management, communications and team building.

Today Keri helps leaders become more confident and effective resulting in increased personal performance, better employee engagement and effectiveness, and stronger business results.

Keri is co-chair of the Saskatchewan chapter of Women in Leadership Foundation, and the Chair of the Board of Directors of CityKidz Regina. Learn more:

Image by Jess Bailey
What clients say about Keri:

I.M., Chief People Officer 

“Keri has a passion for leadership and a commitment to making those around her better leaders. I have always admired her ability to connect with people, ask the right questions and to help people understand the opportunity to leverage their strengths and mitigate their weaknesses. She has certainly helped me become a better leader and I have witnessed her positive impact on organizations.”


Please note, the following is for information purposes only. We are not able to apply for any training grants on behalf of registrants. However, we would be happy to answer any questions related to how this program may meet the grant requirements.

BC Canada

British Columbia Job Grant

BC Employer Training Grant

AB Canada 

Alberta Job Grant

* Up to $10,000 per employee ( $100,000 per business )

SK Canada

Saskatchewan Job Grant (CSJG)

* Up to $10,000 per employee 

Re-Skill Saskatchewan Training Subsidy Grant

MB Canada

Manitoba Job Grant

* Up to $ 10,000 per employee ( $100,000 per business)

Retrain Manitoba Grant 

* Up to $ 2,500 per employee ( $75,000 per business)

ON Canada

Ontario Job Grant

Up to $10,000 per employee 

QU Canada
Mesure de formation de la main-d'œuvre

NB Canada

Labour Force Training Grant

NS Canada 

Workplace Innovation and Productivity Skills Incentive

PEI Canada 

Workplace Skills Training

YK Canada
Building UP program

NT Canada
Canada-Northwest Territories Job Grant

NU Canada

Canada Nunavut Job Grant (CNJG)

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