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Bridge to Gender Equality Project

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We are excited to announce the launch of the Women in Leadership Foundation's Championing Change for Women in the Workplace: Your Organizational Guide to Leadership, designed to guide organizations to implement Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging pillars within their workplace and accelerate gender equality. Prepare to be inspired, empowered, and equipped with the tools and resources necessary to catalyze transformative change within your own workplace and industry.


Meet The Team

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Sxwpilemaát Siyám, aka Chief Leanne Joe

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Project Leader

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Michelle Negreiff, B.A.

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Project Coordinator


Annabella Feeny, MSc.

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Project Assistant

Bridge to Gender Equality Reports

This report aims to provide a business case for employers to build on their organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion policies and procedures. Our research has identified key barriers to women’s advancement along with recommendations to increase the representation of women in leadership. Key barriers were linked to organizational cultures, program supports, individual mindsets and confidence.

Project Update - December 2023

  • Release of the Championing Change for Women in the Workplace: Your Organizational Guide to Leadership on October 18, 2023 at Women in Leadership Diversity Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Forum and now the newly released French version.

  • Calls to Action

    • Transforming the Workplace Pledge

    • Transforming the Workplace Info Session - Find recorded webinar in the Blog section of the WIL website

    • Transforming the Workplace Allyship Webinar - December 13, 2023 @ 10 PST (register in the events WIL page)

    • Transforming the Workplace Power 5 Stories (look to the WIL newsletter and BLOG section)


Championing Change for Women in the Workplace: Your Organizational Guide to Leadership

  • Part of the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) work is that human rights have not been granted to many equity deserving groups, because of colonialism, patriarchy, and systematic measures.

  • Although human rights efforts are primarily at a government level, companies have a responsibility to ensure inclusive and equitable environments.

  • The business case is well known that a diverse workforce and more importantly, an inspired and happy diverse workforce, is a productive workforce. 

  • Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging initiatives work to ensure that legally there are no human rights violations, that there is zero tolerance for racism, discrimination, and bullying, and as such have been primarily internally focused.

  • They have generally focused on recruitment and retention policies and procedures, employee support through initiatives like employee resource groups and events, and awareness through training and bearing witness to lived experience to garner empathy and compassion for fellow co workers.



Equality, Diversity, Belonging, Equity, Inclusion and Allyship

*Equity and equality do not have the same meaning. Equality is based on giving everyone exactly the same resources, while equity involves distributing resources based on the tailored needs of a specific population.


Championing Change for Women in the Workplace

  • This organizational guide was designed to implement Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB) pillars within their workplace and to accelerate the changes needed to advance Gender Equality.

  • This guide provides a seven (7) step process to assist organizational leaders in the implementation of DEIB strategies and objectives that support gender equality within your workplace.

  • The objective of this guide is for organizations to implement DEIB policies, strategies, and objectives that can be managed realistically to effect change over time.  These resources can be adapted for organizations of any size or industry.

  • This guide was designed as a supplement to the Bridge To Gender Equality Project: Transforming the Workplace Report (2022) and SUPPRIMER LE FOSSÉ ENTRE LES SEXES Transformer le lieu de travail which was written by the Bridge to Gender Equality Project Team.



Recommendation #1

Create a corporate culture that is inclusive, providing equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities for all (everyone within and in relationship with the business/organization).

Recommendation #2

Develop and implement policies creating equal access and opportunity for all to apply for positions, unbiased selection processes, flexible working opportunities and promotion of all into leadership and board positions.

Recommendation #3

Provide support for all to thrive within an organization (e.g. mental health supports, mentorship, coaching, flexible working environment, equal access to training, applying alternative skills to the work environment, DEIB policies, strategy and training).

Steps to Implementing a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Strategy

Step 1: Your Team

Step 2: Resources

Step 3: Accountability (Policy)

Step 4: Setting DEIB Strategies and Objectives

Step 5: Metrics to Measure DEIB Objectives

Step 6: Communication

Step 7: Long-Term Results

Be Part of the Change

Our guide was designed to address these barriers and support organizations to make the changes necessary to advance women’s careers in the workplace.  For organizational transformation to occur in your workplace, implement as many of the small steps as possible and make a positive difference in diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.


Actionable Commitments:

  1. Read the Bridge To Gender Equality Project: Transforming the Workplace Report (2022) and SUPPRIMER LE FOSSÉ ENTRE LES SEXES Transformer le lieu de travail and this newly released Guide (Both available in English and French).

  2. Be a Bridge to Gender Equality Advocate and Sign the Transforming the Workplace Pledge!

  3. Engage in our programming and explore our Women in Leadership Resources! Access professional development, mentorship program, and post jobs on our WIL Career Portal, Leading Talent. Our library of resources contains: research reports, Wisdom Stories, Power 5 Interviews, and Podcasts.

  4. Strengthen your community investment by partnering with Women in Leadership, showcase your women leaders and allies, connect with us, follow us on our social media (LinkedIn: Women in Leadership Foundation, Facebook: Women in Leadership Foundation, Instagram, and support our Mentorship Program.

As an employer, become a Bridge to Gender Equality Advocate and sign the Transforming the Workplace Pledge.


By signing the pledge, your organization commits to fostering an inclusive and equitable workplace, where all employees are valued and respected, and have equal opportunities for recruitment, growth, promotion, and success. 


Be part of the change and sign the pledge today:

For more information, please click here.

For additional information, please contact

Transforming the Workplace Informational Session was hosted by our Project Team Leader,

Sxwpilemaát Siyám, aka Chief Leanne Joe on November 29, 2023. Please review this webinar here.


JOIN US for our next Webinar:

Allyship in Corporate Canada

December 13, 2023 from 10am to 11am PST via zoom

Register here.

The intentionality of this virtual webinar is to provide a space for male allies to share their insights, live experiences, knowledge and guidance in supporting such spaces as Reconciliation and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) work in your respective sector. My questions will be focussed in these two key areas as this webinar is in part to support our work in the Bridge to Gender Equality project through the Women in Leadership Foundation.  I have been the project lead for the later part of this work and we have produced a report, guidebook and resources for industry, and are working on getting companies to sign the Transforming the Workplace pledge. This webinar will hopefully be shared throughout Corporate Canada to boards, Exec leadership, etc. to give voice to being an ally in making transformative change in their workplaces for uplifting DEIB and Reconciliation. I ask that you can share this work within your larger networks, promote the webinar and support this project by signing the pledge and seeking others within your spaces to do the same.

Women in Leadership Team

  • Sxwpilemaát Siyám, aka Chief Leanne Joe, Project Lead, Women in Leadership Foundation

  • Maya Kanigan, BComm., President & Founder and Project Manager, Women in Leadership Foundation

  • Michelle Negreiff, BA., Project Coordinator, Women in Leadership Foundation

  • Annabella Feeny, MSc., Project Assistant, Women in Leadership Foundation

  • David Mossman, Program Director, Women in Leadership Foundation 

  • Linda Mota,  PCC., HR Consultant and Leadership Coach, Topanga HR 

  • Alexandra Przychodzki, French Translator

Advisory Committee (2021-2023)

  • Sxwpilemaát Siyám, aka Chief Leanne Joe, Advisory Chair

  • Michelle Negreiff, Advisory Administrator

  • Betty Mutwiri, BM Leadership Coaching and Consulting

  • Dr. Candy Khan, Canden Consulting

  • Elaine Shigeishi, Shiseido

  • Jessica Vandenberghe, Guiding Star Consulting

  • Heather van Munster, IBM

  • Kimberley Messer, IG Wealth-IGM Financial

  • Kaleigh MacDonald, Shell

  • Kristy Ware, Kristy Ware Consulting

  • Rayna Oryniak, Calgary Women in Energy

  • Dr. Sawsan Abdul-Majid, Advancing New Canadian Women in Technology

  • Shaudia Ricketts, Kiewit

  • Shaun Bosch, MacEwan University

  • Dr. Soodeh Farokhi, Nakisa

  • Dr. Susan Murray, Clearpath Leadership

  • Alexa Creelman, CGI

Past Team and Advisory Committee Members

  • Denise Young, MAct. Project Lead, Women in Leadership Foundation

  • Ashley DeLuca, Kiewit 

  • Christine Shu-Hotta, CGI 

  • Chantha Nhem, Nokia 

  • Nawal Khokhar, CGI 

  • Paula Quinn, KF Aerospace Centre for Excellence 

  • Val Van den Broek, Former Mayor of City of Langley

Our heartfelt thanks to the following funders and employers for your tremendous support of the Bridge to Gender Equality Project and its initiatives. We are immensely grateful for the generous financial support of Women and Gender Equality (WAGE) Canada. Together, we are making a positive difference, breaking barriers to equity, and accelerating change. 

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