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Transforming the Workplace Pledge


As an employer, become a Bridge to Gender Equality Advocate and sign the Transforming the Workplace Pledge.


By signing the pledge, your organization commits to fostering an inclusive and equitable workplace, where all employees are valued and respected, and have equal opportunities for recruitment, growth, promotion, and success. 


Be part of the change and sign the pledge today:

Why Sign the Pledge?

The Transforming the Workplace Pledge 2023-2024 re-imagines the role of all organizations committing to transforming their organizational cultures to become more diverse, inclusive, and equitable to create working environments where everyone belongs without racism, discrimination, bias, and so much more. By committing to transforming their policies, procedures, supports, etc. and dismantling the barriers hindering all women and diverse peoples being recruited, retained and promoted with every sector.  In short, this transformation will allow women to bridge the equity gap within their workplace and sector. This journey of transformation begins here, by your organization committing to signing the  Transforming the Workplace Pledge 2023-2024, which calls on your organization to do the following for all women and diverse peoples:

  • Create an Inclusive Work Culture;

  • Provide continuous learning for all and improve your organizational policies, practices and processes;

  • Provide Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging education and training;

  • Promote equal and accessible opportunities;

  • Address Racism, Harassment, Discrimination, Bias and oppression;

  • Support work-life balance; and

  • Accountable and transparent reporting on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging.


Why was it important for your organization to sign Women in Leadership’s Transforming the Workplace Pledge?


"The emphasis on treating people fairly and with kindness extends beyond organizational benefits. It speaks to the broader narrative of creating a harmonious and supportive community, both within and outside the workplace.


In essence, embracing this transformative movement is not just a professional aspiration’ it is a commitment to shared values that resonate with the fundamental principles of equality and world peace. By collectively taking steps in this direction, we not only enhance the workplace experience for all but also contribute to a larger societal paradigm shift that prioritizes humanity and understanding."

Charmaine St Ange serves as the Manager of Delivery Services, a department at SAIT, overseeing a department dedicated to fostering transformative learning experiences that empowers people, careers, communities, organizations, and countries.

Benefits to signing the Pledge

Organizational Benefits of Signing the Transforming the Workplace Pledge 2023-2024


  • Showcase your commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging for women in the workplace.

  • Receive the Transforming the Workplace Digital Badge for use on all your communications (website, email, social media, etc).

  • Enhance your brand as a progressive employer on the Women in Leadership Foundation’s website with company listing.

  • Engage in a path of support - receive a complimentary check in upon signing. 

  • Sign up for our complimentary information sessions on the Championing Change in the Workplace Organizational Guide hosted by the Bridge to Gender Equality Project 

  • Receive a Progress Survey (every 4 months) to see how organizations are reaching their actionable commitments.

  • Be part of Women in Leadership’s incredible and supportive community.

  • Receive Women in Leadership’s weekly newsletter.

    • Opportunities to join the mentorship program, Leadership Development Program, monthly webinars, DEIB Leadership Forum, Women in Leadership Day, and WIL’s Job Portal - Leading Talent.

    • Feature your leaders in our Champions for Change Power 5 Interview.

*Please note that organizations that reside outside of Canada will be recognized as champions of change within their workplaces, however, the Women in Leadership Foundation will not be able to provide the afforementioned benefits and support.

How to use your Badge

  • Share your Transforming Workplace Badge 2023-2024 on all your social media using the #WiLTransformingtheworkplace2023

  • Add your Transforming Workplace Badge 2023-2024 badge to your organizational LinkedIn profile and other professional marketing spaces

  • Embed your Transforming Workplace Badge 2023-2024 badge image in all organization email signatures

  • Add your Transforming Workplace Badge 2023-2024 badge URL to your organizational website

  • Access your Transforming Workplace Badge 2023-2024 badge from anywhere across any device

Women in Leadership would like to recognize the signatories to the Transforming the Workplace Pledge and Champions to Change in their workplace


Champions to Change

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