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Power 5 Interview - Urmi Hossain

We are pleased to introduce you to Urmi Hossain, who is our WIL Victoria Chapter Social Media Lead.

What are you most passionate about?

I am passionate about many things. Indeed, my list is pretty endless, but if I can narrow it down, here are my biggest ones: public speaking, boxing/muay thai, and women’s empowerment

Who is your greatest role model?

I would say, Meghan Markle. She is the definition of a true feminist. I knew she possessed something special from the moment I saw her in Suits and watched her at a conference event for the United Nations where she gave a speech about women’s empowerment and feminism. Meghan exudes charm, elegance, and eloquence in everything she does. I greatly admire her dedication to humanitarian work and her commitment to various communities. She fearlessly speaks out and fights for what is right in society. Without her inspiring actions, I may not have become involved in my community or joined Women in Leadership.

What is your greatest accomplishment in your career trajectory?

I have two accomplishments that I would like to share.

The first achievement was getting a job at an investment management firm that I had always dreamed of working for. During my time at the university, I worked relentlessly to secure a position at the company. Unfortunately, I faced several rejections because I lacked the necessary skills and competencies. However, six years later, the opportunity presented itself once again, and I knew I couldn't let it slip away a second time. With the help of a friend, I was able to successfully apply and secure the position. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity as I feel like I am where I am meant to be. I get to do what I love, apply my finance knowledge, and work for a prestigious firm.

The second accomplishment is related to finance as well. I recently obtained the CFA charter, a prestigious international postgraduate certification for financial analysts. Despite the hard work and dedication required, I found immense satisfaction in achieving this designation and would do it again. Initially, I hesitated due to fear of failure, but my female mentors encouraged me to pursue my goals. The finance industry is largely male-dominated, with over 50% of leadership roles held by men. I aspire to be a role model for women in finance and encourage them to pursue careers in this field. The "wolf of Wall Street" archetype needs to be balanced by a female counterpart: the "she-wolf of Wall Street."

What advice would you give to women who are building their careers?

As someone who practices boxing and muay thai, I encourage you to be a Warrior - a brave and powerful woman who has the determination and courage to overcome any obstacle. It's not just about fighting for what's right, but also about persevering and staying committed to achieving our dreams and goals. Let no one dictate your life, and always live unapologetically.

What do you think is the biggest challenge for the generation of women behind you?

In today's society, women face the challenge of balancing cultural expectations with gender equality. Regardless of their background, women are expected to adhere to certain norms and behaviors, often neglecting their own desires. Some women even juggle both a career and household duties, without receiving recognition or support from society. As a feminist, I believe that both women and men have a role to play in breaking down these gender stereotypes. Men should support women's rights and companies should promote more women in leadership positions. Although the journey towards gender equality is long, progress is being made every day thanks to the bravery and strength of women everywhere.

About Urmi Hossain

Urmi is a dynamic and ambitious woman in the field of finance who manages the social media for the Women in Leadership organization in Victoria. She believes in the power of lifelong learning and constantly challenges herself and others to do the same. Urmi is a member of the Toastmasters Club and is currently working on improving her public speaking skills to deliver a TEDx talk in the near future. Through her participation in Toastmasters, she has gained leadership skills that she applies to her role at WIL. Urmi is enterprising and enjoys exploring new things to evolve and improve herself. She has her own blog where she shares content that is close to her heart and encourages women to never stop learning and be curious in life. Despite working in a male-dominated industry, Urmi perseveres and serves as a role model for other women. In addition to her work, writing, and content creation, Urmi dedicates a significant amount of time to volunteering for women's empowerment. She is a mentor for young females in 100 Women in Finance and volunteers for Speak Up, an organization based in Bangladesh that aims to end child marriage among young girls. Urmi's motto in life is that you may not be able to change 100 people's lives, but you can certainly start with one, and that is enough to bring about change.

Some fun facts about Urmi: she is a serial coffee drinker and pasta eater and she speaks 4.5 languages



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