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About Leading Talent

We are Canada’s first dedicated career portal for women. Our mission is to advance women into management, leadership, and strategic positions to make a positive impact in women’s lives and help employers that are committed to diversity.

Our journey began 20 years ago with the creation of the Women in Leadership Foundation and programming that helped women surge to success through leadership development, mentorship, and career fairs. is a Women in Leadership initiative that aims to connect top talent with employers making it easier for diversity recruiters to find high caliber women; save HR professionals time and increase the number of highly qualified candidates.

LeadingTalent is addressing this number one issue facing human resource departments across the country by fully engaging the talent of high skill women and breaking down barriers to entry of women’s advancement to these upper management positions. More women in the workforce and in leadership positions will improve businesses, increase our national productivity and is critical to the growth of our economy.

Image by Markus Winkler

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