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Registration for the 2024 Women in Leadership Program has now closed. 


Designed with a commitment to empower and elevate women in leadership across diverse industries, our mentorship program is tailored to emerging and seasoned professionals who are eager to refine their leadership skills, be part of a supportive community, and gain invaluable insights from accomplished mentors in their fields.


Program Highlights:

  • Program Duration: January to June 2024 (5-Month Program)

  • Location Flexibility: Virtual-based mentorship to transcend geographical barriers and invite Mentees and Mentors from across Canada and the United States

  • Enriching Webinars: Immerse yourself in 3 Career Development Webinars and Networking Sessions. These webinars feature distinguished high-profile leaders and expert facilitators from diverse industries

  • Exclusive Access: Gain complimentary entry to the Women in Leadership Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Leadership Forum

  • Tailored Mentor-Mentee Partnerships: Benefit from our one-on-one mentorship matching, tailored to align with the interests and goals of both mentees and mentors

  • Amplified Professional Network: Connect with an extraordinary cohort of diverse, professional women from various industries and fields

  • Cohort Community: Contribute to our community of support and collaboration within our private LinkedIn group

  • Celebratory Milestones: Celebrate significant milestones in your mentorship journey at at our memorable launch and graduation ceremonies

  • Proven Excellence: Be part of an award winning program that has empowered over 2,500+ graduates to elevate their careers to new heights

  • Credential of Achievement: Earn a professional digital badge upon successfully completing the program

  • Pathways to Opportunities: Exclusive first access to featured jobs from Women in Leadership Foundation’s partners on our Leading Talent portal

82% of women agree that mentorship is an integral aspect of career advancement.

What to Expect



  • Personalized mentor matching based on your goals and aspirations

  • Monthly one-on-one mentoring sessions

  • Access to career development webinars led by high-profile leaders and expert facilitators

  • Networking opportunities with fellow mentees and mentors from diverse industries

  • A supportive, collaborative community that encourages your personal and professional growth and development


  • Personalized mentee matching based on your goals and aspirations

  • Monthly one-on-one mentoring sessions

  • The chance to give back to the WIL community by nurturing diverse, emerging talent and shaping the leaders of tomorrow

  • Access to a network of fellow mentors and mentees for your own professional development and growth

  • Personal fulfillment knowing that the impact you make on your mentee’s personal and professional development can have a lasting influence that extends well beyond the duration of the mentorship program

Important Dates:

Applications for the 2025 Women in Leadership Mentorship Program will reopen in late September 2024. We look forward to welcoming new mentees and mentors to our 2024 Women in Leadership Mentorship Program

How to Apply

Applications  for mentees and mentors for the
2024 Women in Leadership Virtual Mentorship Program has closed

Program Fee (for Mentees Only)

$349.00 CAD Regular Admission

$200.00 CAD Student Admission

We look forward to welcoming new mentees and mentors to our 2024 Women in Leadership Mentorship Program

Frequently Asked Questions

 Who is this program designed for?

Our program is tailored to emerging and seasoned leaders across diverse industries. Our past mentees have ranged from post secondary students to senior executives. We have mentors appropriate for all leadership levels, skills, and expertise.

What if I’ve never been a mentee or mentor before?

We host Mentor 101 and Mentee 101 Webinars at the beginning of the program that are designed to introduce new mentors and mentees to mentorship. These sessions will provide you with the skills and insights needed to be an effective mentor or mentee. You are also assigned a personal mentorship committee member who has significant experience in being a mentor or mentee. This committee member will provide ongoing support to you throughout the duration of the program through monthly check-ins and email correspondence.

How are mentees and mentors matched in this program?

Mentees and mentors are matched based on aligning industry and/or careers, professional goals, and experience. All mentees and mentors complete intake applications which are used in the matching process.

Can a mentorship relationship continue beyond the program's official duration?

Many of our past matched mentees and mentors continue to regularly meet. The connections you make with your mentee or mentor and cohort community can extend well beyond the duration of our program, and have a lasting impact on your professional and personal development.

“Being a mentor has been a very meaningful experience for me. It has made me realize how important it is for young women to have a female role model in their life. It has especially made me appreciate the mentoring I myself have received over the years.”   

“Being a part of the Women in Leadership mentorship program has helped me to develop and hone leadership and life skills that I can now use in the workplace as well as in my community.”  

"Things have been great ever since (I participated in WIL's Mentorship Program) and my career only keeps moving forward. The inspiration provided by WIL's mentoring program keeps me moving and, looking back, applying for the program was the best decision I've made while settling in Canada.”  

“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the WIL Program for the amazing opportunity to grow, and to my Mentor, who has opened my eyes to a new way of being on this transformational journey.”

Program Contact

If you have any further questions regarding the application process or mentorship program, please connect with Annabella Feeny, Program Lead at the Mentorship Program. 


90% took more responsibilities at work

40% new contacts lead to a job or business 

90% of mentees confidence improved

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