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Entrepreneur Hindsight–live and learn!

Ahhh the power of hindsight! Here are 5 things on being an entrepreneur that I’ve learned personally the hard way. Listen up so you don’t have to xxoo

1. ACTION TRUMPS EVERYTHING It’s a long road that starts out with heaps of motivation and optimism. Both fizzle as the reality of the challenge sets in. It’s in the ongoing, persistent hustle of doing the work that creates results. Success comes from action. Often slower than you want.

2. SEEK ADVICE WISELY (trust your gut) “Experts” are everywhere wanting to consult on how you can achieve more….better….faster! I have personally spent thousands and thousands on consultants who told me what I can achieve. What they don’t tell you is EXACTLY how to do it. Mostly because most haven’t actually done it themselves. So pick your experts and mentors wisely. If you can’t personally interview at least three of their raving past clients don’t hire them.

3. YOUR INNER TRUTH IS YOUR TRUTH  Even if this is day one of your entrepreneurial journey know that you have more wisdom and gut truth than you think you do. I would have saved myself sooooooooooooooo much money and wasted energy if I had just listened to my inner truth. Don’t get bullied or bully yourself out of what you feel is right for you. And be nice to yourself when you live and learn. Seriously. More self kindness.

4. YOU ARE NOT YOUR GOALS “Success” can be your own personal prison if you live to achieve it and base your self worth on how you feel you are doing. You are not your business. It’s part of what you do and not who you are. Believe me….you will lose people you love if you only focus on your achievements.

5. EMBRACE THE JOURNEY As an entrepreneur you are a creator. An agent of change. A conspirator of possibility. Do your work. Create goals to crush. But at the end of the day remember to embrace gratitude, spend time with your family and have patience with your journey. Patience. Did I mention patience?

I wish you joy, fulfillment, fun and adventure in your journey.

By: Trisha Miltimore

International Speaker, Confidence Coach and unStress Consultant


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