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Bridge to Gender Equality Power 5 Interview - Dr. Susan E. Murray

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

The Bridge to Gender Equality Project is pleased to introduce you to Dr. Susan E. Murray (she/her) who is one of our Advisory Committee Members.

What are you most passionate about?

I bring a relentless drive for excellence to my work and vision for success. As a constant learner, I draw on research and best practices globally, and practically translate these insights into meaningful work and actions for my clients.

My work connects me to many people and places around the globe. I truly value the power of diversity as I get to live it in action. Navigating challenges, honouring and appreciating differences, and exploring possibilities that draw on the best of everyone, create that clear path to excellence. As a leader, it can be messy, often exhausting, but always worth it!

Who is your greatest role model?

I have several people that have impacted my life, at different stages. Both my mom and dad instilled in me a love of learning, a drive to be successful and, most importantly, a strong sense of community, equity, and care. They constantly sought to make the world a better place through their professional careers and community leadership.They taught me the power of having an open heart and mind, the strength of using your voice for greater good and the importance of knowing who you are.

What is your greatest accomplishment in your career trajectory?

It’s really been a series of bold steps for me! My early career changes, from teacher to school principal to District leader, were grounded in my passion for change. Impact and leadership. In 2012, I started my doctorate and that path created significant changes for me. I left my District role and started my own business in 2014. It’s been a phenomenal experience. I coach leaders at all stages of their career. I advise and lead global projects with a focus on leadership and strategy. Perhaps the greatest moment thus far is my leadership role and the only woman, to lead a global leadership excellence team for an international project. Multinational high-performing teams who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their work. Together, we navigate complex projects, draw on each others wisdom, and set a path for change and success for our clients.

I also work with non-profit organizations in multiple capacities as a director, a coach and an advisor. With some of this work, I coach young women to lead on governance boards and help them create their own bold steps for change and impact.

What advice would you give to new or emerging leaders who are building their careers?

  1. Know yourself. Invest in opportunities to develop your self-awareness and constantly learn. Know your values and what you stand for. Don’t settle for the status quo.

  2. Create your own board of directors-trusted friends, mentors, and sponsors who will be there for you as sounding boards, shoulders to cry on and cheerleaders.

  3. Give back. Step outside yourself to engage in your community. Donate time and talent to a non-profit.

  4. Use your superpowers. Your combination of strengths and knowledge, action and reflection will have an impact. Be intentional.

  5. Seek out those who are different. Value the power of diversity and challenge your bias.

What do you think is the biggest challenge for the next generation?

I like that the next generation is not bound by the constraints of holding long-term employment i.e. 30 years in one place. Not every job is going to be the right one. Take chances but plan wisely.

When you are in a role that you don’t like, give it some time and use it as a safe place to make other decisions. Always bring your best self to the workplace and engage with a trusted mentor when difficulties arise. It’s also important to avail of development opportunities given the exponential changes we see in the workplace and human capital trends.

About Dr. Susan E. Murray (she/her)

Dr. Susan Murray is an internationally recognized leader, consultant, author and coach. She is a thought leader and researcher, bringing over two decades of experience in education, strategy, leadership development and workplace transformation. Susan helps individuals, and organizations develop their core leadership capabilities to lead change and achieve excellence. Her motto, “Bold Steps Define You” exemplifies how she lives, works, and leads, coaching others to define and accomplish their own #boldsteps.

For over two decades, Susan has worked across multiple sectors as a coach and advisor and has served in senior leadership roles in the public sector. She has scaled this experience to design and deliver strategic insights and leadership development opportunities at a global level.

To learn more about the Bridge to Gender Equality Project, go HERE.



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