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Intro to Notion: The Ultimate Productivity App

By Antonella Feeny

“A good system shortens the road to the goal”

Searching for an app to boost your productivity? With thousands of apps available, it can quickly become overwhelming to choose from them all. Well, look no further than Notion, an all-in-one-workspace that caters to your individual needs.

Notion allows you to accomplish real-time collaboration, organization, and planning all within one simple system. Choose one of Notion’s existing templates―from weekly planners to travel itineraries―and customize them. Not finding what you’re looking for? Notion also equips you with the ability to design your own page. With its easy-to-use tools, the possibilities are endless!

Ready to get started?

  1. Download Notion on IOS, Android, Mac, Windows, or Web. Sign up using your email address. Notion is free for personal accounts, however it provides options for upgrade to a business or team account.

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