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Introducing 3 Successful woman-owned business leaders!

In celebration of International Women's Day, we are hosting a special free event, in partnership with Amazon Canada and hosted by IBM. Make sure you save the date and register to join us on Thursday, March 11th.

Women-owned businesses are thriving on Amazon, reaching customers across the country and around the world. This special event will teach you how to set up a business and sell on Amazon.

We would like to introduce you to these successful woman-owned businesses from across the country, who will be part of the event

Maryam Navavi, CEO and co-Fonder of Babbly

Maryam is Co-founder & CEO of Babbly, a company that's on a mission to help parents track their baby's development and get support along the way. The company has developed an AI-powered platform that's able to analyze a baby's voice and provides parents with insights on their child. Maryam is the former VP of product visioning at Idea Couture where she helped Fortune 500 companies develop game changing products at the intersection of technology and human-centered design. She lives in Toronto with her husband and 4-yr old son who inspired her journey to early development.

Aja Horsley, CEO of Drizzle Honey

With a background in Environmental Science and Urban Agriculture development, Aja has led research projects and start-ups in this space with her passion for sustainable food production. She is currently the CEO of Drizzle Honey, a honey products company sold across North America that focuses on changing how the world uses honey. Aja is enthusiastic about bringing innovation to market and bolstering female entrepreneurship.

Amandla Bartholemew, Founder of Bartholomew Sisters

My name is Amandla Bartholomew and I am the founder of Bartholomew Sisters, an indie natural vegan skincare brand.

Culture is skin deep for me as I first learned how to make homemade body creams in West Africa, ten years ago. Such early experiences not only strengthened my awareness of my Ghanaian heritage but especially helped me embrace the beauty of unrefined pure shea butter. Learning about these rich, hidden treasures of the earth further served to promote my budding palate for an alternative healthy lifestyle. In the coming years, I would hope to fully step forward in pursuit of this newfound way of life.

We hope you can join us! Register to attend at:

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