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Leadership Development Program

Good leadership can positively affect people, teams and organizations just as poor leadership can have a negative, sometimes even devastating effect. Everyone deserves to work with a strong leader. Although the world and our lives are filled with many struggles and challenges, we cannot control—as leaders, we have the power to create workplaces where people feel valued and where they believe they can contribute and make a difference.

It took time and a lot of effort to become the professional you are today. You likely invested in some kind of education. Maybe a two-year certificate, a four-year degree, maybe more. You listened to lectures, wrote paper and exams. The point is you learned a lot before taking on the role you have today.

Then you worked hard and did a great job, so you were rewarded with a management position. Now you have people reporting to you and you’re ultimately responsible for them and their outcomes. With that position comes new challenges you may not have learned to manage in school. You likely didn’t take a course on emotional intelligence or how to build trusting relationships. There probably wasn’t a class called Coaching & Inspiring your Employees 101.

That leaves you trying to do your best and navigating leadership without a compass. Some days it may be going well, and you feel like you’re taking this new role in stride. Other days, you wonder if you have what it takes to lead others.

The skills you invested in developing to become a [insert your profession here] are not the same skills you need to be an effective leader. The good news is leadership skills can be learned.

Women in Leadership Foundation’s Leadership Development program will help you develop foundational leadership skills. During this 3-month program you will:

  • Enhance your self-awareness and build your Emotional Intelligence to drive business results

  • Gain confidence as a leader, tackling self-doubt and imposter syndrome

  • Learn how to engage your employees through trusting relationships, effective communication, and coaching

  • Work effectively within your organization to influence change and deliver results

  • Reflect on what it means to be woman in the workplace and champion diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Build your authentic leadership brand and walk away with a personal leadership manifesto

  • Network, learn and grow with like-minded women from various industries

The world could use more amazing leaders. One of those amazing leaders could be you.

To view the full program details, go HERE

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