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Leadership Development Program: Moving Women Forward into Leadership Roles Want To Lead?

Moving Women Forward into Leadership Roles Want To Lead? What’s Holding You Back!

When opportunity knocks - answer the door! Why do women who want to lead, hold themselves back? Do you ever feel that you need to wait to get more experience before you can develop your leadership skills?

A study by KPMG (see link below) asked the following question, “What age do you think is critical for companies to most support a woman’s career development and career advancement?”. The response for career development was 96% for ages 20-30’s and career advancement was 83% for ages 20-30’s.

In that same study, one respondent stated that, “I wish I had been encouraged to be more self-confident and given the opportunity to develop leadership skills. I was told I was smart but not encouraged to lead.”.

The WIL April 2023 Leadership Development Program provides an opportunity for you to come together with like-minded women to receive more formal training in effective leadership. During the 12 week program, you will be immersed in a supportive community to explore your leadership style, receive open feedback,, and work through your personalized, “Leadership Lighthouse Manifesto”.

Enroll today, click HERE.



Kate Taralin
Kate Taralin
Jul 09, 2023

cool info


May 17, 2023

the skill of being able to start a conversation with anyone in a room full of total strangers with relative ease. Fireboy and Watergirl


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