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Power 5 Interview: Louanne McGrory/Shiseido (Canada) Inc.

Louanne McGrory, President , Shiseido (Canada) Inc.

Women in Leadership Foundation is very excited to present a special Speaker Series, presented with our Regional Partner Shiseido (Canada) “Beyond Beauty - Innovation, Leadership and Resilience”

Inspiring top leaders at Shiseido Canada share their leadership journey and insights along with what they are doing to support the growth of women's advancement at Shiseido in our exciting speaker series event.

Today's Power 5 Interivew is with one of our speakers, Louanne McGrory, President , Shiseido (Canada) Inc.

What are you most passionate about?

I am passionate about "helping others" whether it be through mentoring young talent or supporting/helping our community. I have always been the person who is approachable in personal and professional life. Throughout my career and life experience I have always found "How effective it is to mentor someone?" or "How effective it is to help a community?" especially those who have passion to love and grow, I am always there for them.

Who is your greatest role model?

Absolutely! my father and my grandmother!! I am from a small town in rural Quebec, where my father was an entrepreneur with a small successful business, he taught us many valuable lessons each and every day, same goes with my grandmother. But most importantly both of them taught me that "You always need to work hard and never rest on your laurels because that is when you will lose your edge!”. My father did not have the privilege of having education, but it was determined that I would have the opportunity to go to college.

What is your greatest accomplishment in your career trajectory?

For me, professionally my greatest accomplishment is to become the "President" for Shiseido Canada which one of the top 5 beauty companies in Canada. Throughout my career I won many awards locally and globally. Personally, my biggest accomplishment is supporting women through LGFB organization. I am not done yet, there is definitely a lot more to accomplish.

I would be happy to connect with your talent, they can reach out to me via LinkedIn, or through my administrative staff. My biggest advice would be to "Don’t get caught up in the stress of doing something you don’t love, do what you are passionate about. Stay focused and always keep your eyes on the golden prize"

How do people get in contact with you? Please provide any social channels links (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc).

I would be happy to connect with your talent, they can reach out to me via LinkedIn, or through my administrative staff.

Thank you for sharing, Louanne. We look forward to hearing more from you during the event on April 21st.

To learn more about the event and to register, please go HERE.



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