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Rematriation: by supporting Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs

By Sxwpilemaát Siyám (Chief Leanne Joe)

When it comes to Economic Reconciliation and transformation, it is imperative for all Canadians (at an individual, collective and corporate levels) to take responsibility and shift one’s consumer spending power by intentionally shopping and supporting Indigenous owned businesses, especially Indigenous women entrepreneurs. I am here to amplify many incredible Indigenous owned businesses who are inviting all of us to celebrate their strength and resilience as Indigenous women entrepreneurs by participating in their 4th annual National Indigenous Peoples Day.

I have both purchased from and been gifted some of the products in the picture, some are also friends of mine or I have worked with some of these businesses or others within my network have shared about these amazing Indigenous owned businesses.. One can appreciate that within the products and services of these businesses, one has the opportunity to learn about Indigenous ways of knowing, being and doing, as culture is constantly grounded in their products, services and spaces held within their operations. It is always present, always visible and you can absolutely feel the intentionality of this infusion in their business. I am Inviting all you beautiful humans to join us in taking action in supporting these businesses, beyond their give way. If you have the means, shop and support these businesses all year round. By either buying for yourself, gifting others, or as corporate gifts, you will be supporting not only these women, but all that they are in service off, as their work, brilliance and gifts are for more than just the bottom line!

If funds are a barrier at this time, use your voice to share and amplify these businesses on all your social media channels, on slack channels, at the dinner table, within your social circles and networks, and within your organization (procurement). Procurement is a great lever to support these businesses by purchasing their products and services, and amplify them everywhere and all the time. Also, to source our other local, regional and national Indigenous owned businesses and buy and amplify them also. Let's come together in #EconomicReconciliACTION and shine our love and light on Indigenous businesses and the many more out there!

This is only a small reflection of the amazing, powerful, talented, knowledgeable, and beautiful human beings out there across Turtle Island breaking down barriers for the future generations. Ask ‘Grandfather Google’ for some help in finding an Indigenous owned business, artist, creator, consultant, etc. near you and begin a new relationship with them and be prepared to be blown away by their awesomeness.

Ladders to Kindness Shelley Joseph Sisters Sage Lynn-Marie Angus Totem Design House Erin Brillon Lofttan April Mitchell-Boudreau mitch Yukon Soap Company Joella Hogan Inuk360 Inuk Trennert tren Ay Lelum Sophia Seward-Good & Aunalee Boyd-Good West Coast Wildflowers Alissa Assu

Satya Organic Patrice Mousseau

Michele Young Crook Consulting Inc. Michele Young-Crook Skwalen Botanicals Leigh Joseph Lodge Soy Candles Angela DeMontigny Copper Canoe Woman Vina Brown Mini Tipi Mélanie Bernard & Trisha Pitura Uasau Soap Bernice Clarke

Culture Shock Andrea Cranmer and Donna Cranmer

First Peoples Coffee Gina Nagano

Aaniin Chelsee Pettit

Cheeckbone Beauty Jenn Harper

Virtual Gurus and Ask Betty Bobbie Racette

Your Sylix Sisters Kelsie Kilawna (Marchand) and Lauren Marchand

Siyam Consulting Sxwpilemaát Siyám (Chief Leanne Joe) #ShopIndigenous #IndigenousHistoryMonth #Entrepreneurs #Economic Reconciliation


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