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Value of Mentorship

If you ask accomplished business owners how they achieved success, many will say they had a mentor who helped guide them throughout their career or business journey.  Mentors use their own experiences to prepare you for what you need to know to succeed – something you can do with your own protégés. The beauty of a mentor/mentee relationship is that it offers a regular source of valuable experienced information. Nothing replaces the guidance of someone who has been there before. Mentors also serve as a sounding board for ideas and can tap their own experiences to provide you with advice or key inroads. You can have more then 1 mentors as different people can provide different value at different times throughout your career. This is a common trait in successful people. Mentor relationships can be as formal or informal as you want. You can meet frequently or intermittently throughout the year to fit your schedules.   A mentor can help you evaluate and selectively choose which opportunities to pursue and which to pass on. Too many poorly managed opportunities can be just as disastrous as too few opportunities. Great mentors teach you how to leverage networks to succeed and often provide key contacts.   Sometimes a great mentor is just someone that helps you think differently, which can be invaluable to growing your business or career. Mentors become your go-to resource for tackling challenges that you could face along the road to your success. Having someone to provide advice during challenging times help you address your challenges and provide valuable peace of mind.



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