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Women in Leadership Toronto - U.S podcast: Breaking the “Concrete” Ceiling for Women of Color

In this episode, Wanda Brackins and Farhana Mahbub, discuss what breaking the “concrete” ceiling means for Women of Color - from taking charge of your own career and strategically taking stretch assignments to recognizing the barriers to getting promoted…sometimes it is worth taking chances and being comfortable with uncomfortable situations that will push your boundaries and take your skill set to the next level. Wanda is Managing Director and Head of Global Diversity at RBC Wealth Management with over 20-years of expertise as a Diversity & Inclusion leader. She has written several articles and has been recognized for her work in the DEI space by several publications and organizations. She is active in the community and currently serves on the board of a non-profit organization that works to address homelessness in Southern California area.

Curious? Then listen in to this podcast for some great strategies on how design thinking is operationalized in the “future of work” and how we can all be more inclusive in this virtual environment

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