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5 Wellness Tips to Beat the Blues, contributed by WIL Alberta Chapter

Article contributed by Karla Poznikoff, WIL Alberta Chapter

5 Wellness Tips to Beat the Blues

A new year can ignite inspiration and motivation, yet on the other hand, a new year can also bring up feelings that might not be so favorable. The joys of the holiday season have come to an end and we are back where we started; immersed in busy schedules and booked up with meetings, activities, or new year “resolution” commitments.

This time of year offers an opportunity to check back in with ourselves and reflect on the year previous. It also reminds us of monumental events in civil rights history and how these events have shaped our current reality. How will you set the tone for the rest of the year? Will you carry on without thinking twice, or will you take this moment to slow down?

Martin Luther King (MLK) Day Martin Luther King Day is annually observed on the third Monday of January as a federal American holiday commemorating the life and achievements of the civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr. National Today offers three ways to observe MLK Day:

1. Learn the full history of Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Take the time to read about Martin Luther King Jr. and study his narrative, journey, and achievements.

2. Support communities of colour.

  • Martin Luther King Day is more than just a day off. Take time to understand civil rights and the challenges facing communities of colour.

3. Engage in a conversation.

  • Create dialogue with your peers about racial injustice. Through conversation we educate each other, share experiences, and work to create a brighter future.

Mental Health Awareness

“Blue Monday” is also observed in January and raises awareness of mental health concerns. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) commonly occurs during the fall and winter seasons. The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) states that SAD is caused by changes in the level of exposure to sunlight. As we proceed through one of the coldest and darkest months in the northern hemisphere, there are ways we can ignite the light that is within us.

Here are five wellness tips to try today:

1. Immerse yourself in five minutes of daylight.

  • Use light therapy or allow true daylight to touch your skin to elevate your mood and optimize your health.

2. Connect with your support system or chat with a professional.

  • Reach out to a loved one or your personal support system to laugh a little. If you find yourself experiencing lower feelings, CAMH recommends talk therapy as a solution. Let’s normalize therapy for regular maintenance of mental health.

3. Incorporate movement and stretching into your day.

  • Get outdoors, breathe in the fresh air, and stretch your limbs. Daily movement, whether it’s a simple walk or a sweat at the gym, will strengthen your muscles and improve your stability, balance, and coordination.

4. Make a nourishing whole-food meal.

  • Grab your favourite cookbook and get inspired by a recipe that you have not made before. Cook with whole-food ingredients and feel fulfilled. Not only did you make an incredible meal, it is incredibly good for you!

5. Get a quality good night’s rest.

  • Try getting at least seven hours of sleep or more per night. Good sleep habits by going to bed consistently at the same time each night and reducing electronic use and blue light exposure will help you achieve better quality sleep.

Completed those tips, what next?

Attend the WIL Alberta Chapter’s virtual event on January 16 at 11:00 am PST | 12:00 pm MST | 2:00 pm EST.

Shake the “blues” with three uplifting speakers and learn new techniques that will revitalize you throughout the year. Laugh with Alia Laura, a local comedian, increase vitality with Lyndsay Conrad, a wellness advocate for holistic living, and feel the love with Margaret Sullivan, coach and mindfulness practitioner. Release what is no longer serving you and embrace the new year with inspired action!

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About the Author; Karla Poznikoff

Born and raised in Alberta, Karla Poznikoff works as a marketing leader at an international SaaS tech company and volunteers with WIL Alberta Chapter as the events director. She has over ten years experience in the agency, startup, and corporate landscape specializing in B2B communications, inbound/outbound marketing, and content lifecycle. The year 2020 led her to deep dive into learning about psychology, neuroplasticity, mindfulness, and mental health leading to the attainment of her Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) certification through the Mental Health Commission of Canada and starting her 200hr Meditation Teacher Training (MTT). Karla is motivated to find ways of integrating wellness into her marketing practice, the corporate workplace, and everyday life. You can find her immersed in nature in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, either paddle- or snowboarding depending on the season. She supports and advocates for communities regarding equality, belonging, mental health, wellness, and women in leadership.

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