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WIL is thrilled to announce our new Chapter Chair for the WIL Toronto Chapter, warmest welcome, Jaclyn Masse! Find out more about Jaclyn's leadership journey and what she's most passionate about in her Power 5 Interview. 

Interested in being part of an incredible community and feel more connected? The WIL Toronto Chapter has opportunities to join our volunteer group and reimagine together local events and programming. To find out more and get engaged, please email:

WIL Power 5 Interview Questions:

1.What are you most passionate about?

I have a genuine passion for continuous learning and view all work and educational opportunities as forums to further develop practical and transferable skills. Adopting a lifelong learning approach has allowed me to be a more open and transparent leader. I view knowledge as being a powerful catalyst for both personal and professional development. I feel this passion for learning enriches my life experiences and encourages more multifaceted perspectives to address challenges. I also have a strong sense of passion and purpose to advance equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging. I am incredibly passionate about encouraging women to achieve their potential and inspiring them to realize their personal and professional goals, hopes and aspirations. I am honoured to be involved in the wonderful work that the Toronto Women In Leadership (WIL) Chapter does to inspire and empower women.

2. Who is your greatest role model?

My greatest role model is my mother and she has had a significant impact on who I am today. She is a strong, inspirational influence in my life and she demonstrates unwavering and unconditional love, support and happiness for her family. She has continuously uplifted others around her and promotes the well-being of others. My mother is intelligent, loyal and caring. She is a phenomenal parent and caregiver. She is diplomatic, assertive and understanding. My mother taught my brother, sister and I to always live by our values and to ensure that we are grateful for all that we have been blessed with. She instilled that we should treat others the way we wish to be treated. She has taught me important life lessons, but also gave me grace to make decisions on my own, free from judgment. My mother’s commitment to her family and community is admirable and motivating.

3. What is your greatest accomplishment in your career trajectory?

I am very proud of my 15+ years of public service as I find it to be truly rewarding to know that I am contributing to the betterment of my community by addressing important social and economic issues. I feel a strong sense of purpose to my work in the public sector as well as my volunteer leadership roles to advance gender equity, diversity and inclusion. My greatest accomplishment in my career trajectory thus far has been to lead a long-term care team during the COVID-19 pandemic. This opportunity was both challenging and fulfilling as there was a significant degree of uncertainty with the circumstances of the pandemic. This role allowed me to utilize my leadership, adaptability, communication and issues management skills to demonstrate resilience and ensure a high quality of care was maintained for the vulnerable residents and families that we served. In general, I continue to aim to secure opportunities that I can do good for others.

4. What advice would you give to women who are building their careers?

I would advise any woman who is building her career to take time to really get to know herself in order to be both happy and successful (e.g., traits, strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes). I think personal development is important at any stage of a woman’s career. I would also encourage others to view setbacks and failures as steppingstones to greatness. Though career progression may be something that one is interested in, I would encourage women to not rush into a new role as they would want to ensure there is alignment between their goals and the opportunity. Strive for authenticity and happiness,

rather than perfection.I would encourage women to do self-reflection, be open-minded, research available opportunities and aim for the impact that they wish to have. I would emphasize the need to not disregard the importance of networking with leaders that inspire you. Trust your instincts, follow your passion, commit yourself to ongoing development and seek opportunities that genuinely excite you. Lastly, I would encourage women to ask for help and input when needed as it is not a sign of weakness but often the initial step to finding a path forward (i.e., be open to asking for and receiving help).

5. What do you think is the biggest challenge for the generation of women behind you?

I think that women tend to have the incredible challenge of navigating their own personal desires and ambitions against evolving societal expectations and traditional gender roles. Unfortunately, gender- based inequities (e.g., access to education and employment, gender pay gap, etc.) continue to pose challenges. Women are often faced with societal norms that may hinder their abilities to realize their full potential. Underrepresentation of women in certain industries and leadership positions can also negatively impact women’s support networks for career advancement. I believe that the biggestBchallenge for the generation of women behind me will be to find a positive balance to career fulfillment with family responsibilities, especially when societal expectations are taken into account. Women will be challenged to continue advocacy efforts to create and sustain more inclusive workplaces where they can thrive and advance.



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Women often face prejudices and social norms regarding their roles, behavior and image, especially in some cultures aa route planner that still hold old views.


I have no doubt Jaclyn will be a great role model for the WIL Toronto Chapter. I believe she will achieve great Buckshot Roulette things, and I wish her all the success in the future.

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