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Updated: Mar 21

Prishita Agarwal

Co-founder and CEO, Mosa

1. What inspired you to found Mosa?

I grew up in a small town in India where resources were scarce. My mom ingrained in me the importance of resource conservation. We would reuse everything, from using old torn clothes as cleaning rags, to making face masks out of orange peels to collecting every container ever regardless of size or shape in the hope that it would be useful in the future. I knew that every waste object is a raw material for another object. When I came to Canada, a country with abundance of resources, I noticed a difference in the public mindset. People knew and spoke about sustainability, but barely ever acted on it. Even my friends! So after a house party, I founded Most.  Mosa upcycles used glass bottles into home decor to reduce carbon emission caused by glass bottles that end up in landfills and also provides people an easy way to join the circular economy ecosystem. It was due to the importance of sustainability that was instilled in me from a young age that inspired me to create Mosa.


2. What are some key lessons you’ve learned throughout your entrepreneurial journey?

Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I've come to realize that people are everythingin this world of business. Whether it's the customers, employees, or mentors, their support is invaluable. I've learned the importance of reciprocation, always seeking waysto help and support others in their respective journeys and goals. This collaborative

spirit has been a cornerstone of my entrepreneurial experience.


Resilience has proven to be a key factor in navigating the challenges of

entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur, constant pivoting is essential, and the longer I've

stayed in the game, the better I've become at it. There's a temptation to switch things up

or throw in the towel, but I've found that strategic pivoting, rather than quitting, is the key

to sustained success.


3. How do you deal with self-doubt and doubt from others?


In my entrepreneurial journey, self-doubt is a rare occurrence, thanks to the continuous

motivation derived from managing an eight-person team, engaging with mentors,

advisors, and customers. When faced with doubt from others, I take a step back,

refocus, and work even harder to dispel those doubts. I believe in the power of

showcasing my vision and the meticulous plan I have to reach our goals. While I may

not always convince everyone, for those who remain skeptical, I choose to wait and let

my actions speak louder than words, proving them wrong over time.


4. What is the most rewarding part about being an entrepreneur?


Being an entrepreneur is incredibly rewarding, especially when I witness the direct

impact we're creating. Seeing customers light up while using our products or witnessing

employees achieve career milestones due to our support brings immense joy.

Personally, the most significant reward for me is the environmental impact we've been

able to achieve. Knowing that my entrepreneurial journey contributes to a positive

change in the environment is truly fulfilling.


5. What advice would you give to young female entrepreneurs?


To young female entrepreneurs, my advice is simple: have faith in yourself. It's

unfortunate that we, as women, might not receive as much encouragement as our male

counterparts. However, I want you to recognize your resilience and the inherent

characteristics that make you capable of being an extraordinary leader. Build a

supportive community around you, filled with people who believe in you and your

potential. Having faith in yourself is the first step towards overcoming any challenges on

your entrepreneurial path.



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My mother's emphasis on resource conservation and sustainability instilled in me the importance of repurposing waste materials. Upon moving to Canada, where resources were abundant but sustainability practices were lacking, I founded Mosa to address the issue. By upcycling glass bottles into home decor, Mosa aims to reduce carbon emissions from landfills and promote circular economy practices, driven by the sustainability values instilled in me from a young tunnel rush age.


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