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Bridge to Gender Equality Project: Transforming Workplace Report

Updated: May 24, 2023

The Bridge to Gender Equality Project is committed to transforming workplaces and accelerating equitable change. We aim to achieve this by collaborating with employers and industry leaders, to build or amend policies and procedures that support more women applying for leadership and decision-making positions. We believe that together, we can create a future where gender equality is the norm, not the exception. We would like to acknowledge the generous financial support provided by Women and Gender Equality Canada. We are grateful for their ongoing support and commitment. Additionally, we greatly appreciate the time and consideration of all our respondents who voluntarily committed their time to the project.

Bridge to Gender Equality Report Transforming the Workplace Report 2023 (7) (1)
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SUPPRIMER LE FOSSÉ ENTRE LES SEXES Transformer le lieu de travail 2023 (1)
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We hope you will be part of the change.

Here are some of the Survey Demographics from the 417 respondents:

Respondents came from various sectors including:

Respondents across age demographics:

Respondents came from the following ethnic backgrounds:

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