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Holiday Party Dressing


The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to figure out

what to wear. Most of us start with the little black dress

but with so many options in the store, colour and

texture might just be your new best friend. From pink

sequenced dresses to glittery fabrics, holiday dressing

can be even more festive with something bold, vibrant,

textured or sparkly. Here are just a few examples.

Cream blouse with bow Zara

Bows are everywhere to help us create femininity to our wardrobe at this time of the year. Zara’s cream coloured blouse can be worn with a camisole

underneath or a bustier. Pair with pants or jeans.

Raspberry Pink Wrap

I love this pink sequenced V-Neck, faux wrap dress from Dynamite. Add a pair of heels or flats, some dangle earrings, a swipe of colour to the lips and you are ready to celebrate.

Blue Velvet dress

If you are looking for a lusciously decadent outfit this season, look no further than this rich, blue velvet wrap dress from Sosander. Shorten to above the knee for a more updated look.

Silver Spaghetti dress

It may not be the “Little Black Dress” but it has the impact of one. Think “Little Silver Dress” by Free People

this holiday season. Pair with a single strap high-heeled shoe.

Black Asymmetrical dress

Asymmetrical dressing has never been more appealing. This minimally detailed black dress is for the woman

who wants a bit of edge. Show off some skin and your personality style with this modern dress from Dynamite.

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Tracy Richardson, Image Consultant & Media Stylist

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