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Leadership Development Program: Coaching Approach Vs. Mentoring

Coaching Approach Vs. Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring are two different skills that leaders can utilize to support their team. Coaching and mentoring can be done formally or informally. There are some key differences between the two approaches that lead to different outcomes.

As a leader, you must assess and decide which approach is best for the particular situation you are dealing with. Coaching is non-directive, does not include advice giving, and allows the team member to tap into previous learnings to help gain greater self-awareness and self-confidence. The mentor approach is when you share your own knowledge, experience, and skills to help the team member grow in a certain area.

In the WIL April 2023 Leadership Development Program, we use experiential learning to demonstrate the coach approach and how to utilize it with your team. Master the coach approach to leadership. Enroll in the cohort today, click to learn more HERE.

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