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Leadership Development Program: Imposter Syndrome

Impostor Syndrome

Many individuals throughout their career will experience impostor syndrome tendencies at some point. The Impostor Syndrome Institute states, “Millions of capable people around the world — men and women — secretly worry they’re not as bright, talented, or qualified as everyone thinks they are.”

Have you ever looked at a job description and didn’t apply because you only had 6 out of 10 stated criteria for the job? Or maybe you thought you needed to take more training or courses to add to your personal skills toolbox before you would apply for that new position. If this sounds like you, you are not alone. Many women wait until they have all of the criteria in order to apply for the job or make career advancements.

Impostor syndrome can make us:

  • Play small

  • Experience additional stress and worry

  • Spend hours overplanning/over preparing so that things are perfect

  • Question our ability to do the job or to put ourselves out there

  • Procrastinate and wait for that perfect time to apply into a leadership role

If you’re looking to gain greater insight about impostor syndrome and the impact it is having on your leadership journey, enroll in the WIL April 2023 Leadership Development Program today. You will learn about the five impostor personas, coping mechanisms, impostor messaging ,and strategies to help you effectively address and manage normal impostor feelings.

Learn more by going to the Leadership Development Program here.



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