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Power 5 Interview with Amazon Seller, Yulee Harris – Hunter & Trove Studio

We are less than a month away from another great Partnership Program with Amazon Canada - "Part II Expand Your Market with Selling on Amazon" is taking place on November 23rd from 12pm to 1:30pm PST.

Today, we feature another Amazon Seller, Yulee Harris with Hunter & Trove. Yulee has answered our Power 5 Interview and shared more about selling on Amazon.

What are you most passionate about?

I am a creator at heart. To create beauty from nothing, to help capture meaningful moments in the everyday. To me this feels like true alchemy, and it’s this alchemy that makes my work feel rewarding and beautiful.

Who is your greatest role model?

From the age of 6, I recall watching my mother fearlessly run her own creative business, and embody leadership that defied the norms of the traditional Korean culture she was born into. My father is the perfect yang to her yin, the ultimate encouraging support system who similarly defied the norms of his culture. This foundation, where gender was irrelevant to leadership or success, hugely impacted my own sense of potential and confidence.

What is the greatest accomplishment in your career trajectory?

There is a quiet beauty when the dreamed vision of your life slowly begins unfolding into reality. Each long night of work, each idea pushed forward into action, each uncomfortable moment pushing to the edge of things you haven’t done before.

Watching Hunter & Trove grow from a seed of an idea to where it is today has been incredibly rewarding. My work has allowed me to find moments of connection with others, and share a small part in their own golden stories – the necklace worn during a forest elopement wedding ceremony, a small birthstone gem to celebrate a new baby. Tiny tokens that will carry meaning for them in the future.

What advice would you give to women who are building their careers?

A saying I love: “We have a choice every day: to evolve, or repeat”. And evolution can come in the smallest of nudges towards the direction you wish to go. Thousands upon thousands of small movements over time can lead to the most remarkable journey. So, choose evolution, and celebrate even the smallest of wins towards your goal.

What do you think is the biggest challenge for the generation of women behind you?

What I see most clearly is the strength of these women equipped to handle whatever challenge comes their way. I am inspired by their voice, their bravery to challenge convention, to speak up and make themselves heard. Their openness to share their vulnerabilities, and build community full of understanding.

Please tell us move about you, and your business and how people can connect with you.

I am the founder of Hunter & Trove, a demi-fine jewelry collection based in Vancouver.

For me, the beauty in jewelry goes beyond its golden shine, and holds more meaning than its dainty size shows. It’s in the moments that make up our beautiful stories. The quiet moments of self-care - the time taken in the morning hours to put on your favorite earrings. The necklace worn as a golden reminder of those we cherish. Jewelry can capture a feeling, and I love how Hunter & Trove’s pieces may be a golden thread woven into these moments.

I love connecting with others in the community, and can be reached through my website, Instagram @huntertrove, and by email

Thank you Yulee!

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