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The Most Important Goals

I am going to go out on a limb and say that chances are you have some goals. You have some goals that you hit and some goals that you miss and some goals that you feel guilty about. 

But there are some things that you absolutely, 100% cannot compromise on no matter what. When everything else is falling down around your ears there are some things that you must not lose sight of.

Things that deserve to be on Your List that don't involve revenue or customer lifetime value or ROI or likes or reshares. A whole world that is much closer to home. 

Things like having the bandwidth to navigate before-(home)school tantrums. Things like planning far enough ahead to be able to go camping in July. Things like going to the drive-in and buying melty ice cream cones with your kids and actually booking that zoom call with friends and a diy date night because doing fun stuff is fun and magic for your brain and your heart and your family. 

These are commitments of value so go ahead and write 'em down. What gets written down gets done: 

☑️ Schedule your date nights for the next 3 months; 

☑️ Book a catch up with friends in June... today; 

☑️ Sign up for that (virtual) half marathon/yoga teaching course/sommelier course/hiking club. 

Write them down, put them in your calendar, send out invites so these events are in other people's calendars and do these important things you know in your heart light you up. 

Having a life is not something you focus on only AFTER everything comes together in your business. You are going to have your life whether you focus on it or not, so make it one that includes things you value outside your business too.

By Shauna Stewart Douglas - WIL Entrepreneur Expert



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